I’ve Never (Over) Cooked Broccoli Before

In reference to the blog post I have thustly left off at: My Name Is Stacey and I Am An Abibliophobiac

No my curry didn’t turn out as great as I’d hoped. Let’s just say it needed extra salt and leave it at that (even though I’m going back for seconds.)

But maybe, just maybe, I can write now that I’ve eaten! I had coffee a couple hours ago, so sleep isn’t going to happen for awhile. I just gotta decide what I’m going to change.

No, don’t worry, I won’t change characters. Although one character has recently disappointed a friend of mine, and I must say he doesn’t do much to redeem himself in book 4. I might change that a little, I was never too happy with his behavior in book 4. I decided rather than changing the plot, I may add a little somethin’-somethin’.

But maybe not.

I have now entered “indecisive land” where the best bet for my sanity is my kindle and some music until I fall asleep. I guess I will end this blog. Wish me luck!





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2 responses to “I’ve Never (Over) Cooked Broccoli Before

  1. There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.

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