No. Yeah see…. No.


So I made some huge decisions in my life today. And I’ve had coffee, so it’s going to be awhile before I can sleep. So I thought to myself- why lay awake and think too hard, when I can go online and blog about what I’m thinking too hard about?

Ok so I wouldn’t quite put them at “huge” decisions, just very life altering ones. (Ok, I have this habit of trying to type as fast as my mind works, and end up coming up with whole new words. I should write a dictionary. “very life altering” became “verying”. I think I could come up with an awesome new short-hand that way)

Oh, and for once in a VERY long time… my mind draws a blank. (To consider my mind drawing a blank, is when I can count at least two full seconds between thoughts. This was three. Yikes.)

Well, no that’s not entirely true. My mind is  trying to give up thinking too hard about decisions, and give itself fully into trying to work out the plots to books 6 and 7 (I know, a ways away) they are already written (well, halfway. The originals are finished from years ago, the rewrites are half done) and there are some changes I need/have to make, but I am so eager to get to them I have to force myself to not ignore book four. That is the problem, I’m getting ahead of myself. Part of the problem is I know I’m going to have to work on them synonymously or I wont be able to get them out on time. Same with book five. Depending on the route I go with book four, book five is going to have to be altered quite a bit and a lot of work done on it. Am I getting ahead of myself?

You betcha

But you gotta realize… these are stories that have been going around in my head for over fourteen years now. These are stories I’ve been dying to tell for over a decade. The internet and ebooks are finally allowing me the opportunity to do so. I get excited about my stories, my characters, and I want to share them. I want to talk about them. And honestly, despite how often people tell me I over think things…. I must admit, in some situations, there’s nothing I enjoy more than over thinking something. Especially my stories. So while I’m working on book four, I can worry about the plots and how to finish books five, six and seven. Because I feel what’s coming up just happens to be really exciting, and I want to share it, like I said. But first I have to make sure it’s perfect (in which I mean the best I can possibly do, because my readers deserve my best.)

Oh, this big decision you’re wondering about. I quit my job at the store. The reason being I have another opportunity opened up to me that will allow for much more happiness and much more energy. That, and I’m sick of the drama. It was wearing me down.

So, this new job I’m getting, of which I will divulge info on later, will allow me also more energy to market myself as an author, work on my blogs ( I want to work on blogging daily here, and on my Legends of Sangue page. I have some followers and some readers, but none as many as I would like) if these books mean so much to me, I may want to put the effort into showing my readers how much I care. I don’t want to just throw out some descriptions and rough advertising and move on. I live for these stories, these books are my partial career, and the focus of many daily thoughts. It brings me happiness. I want to share that feeling.

Now my mind is just wandering into a sleepy oblivion. Maybe the answers will come to me later. Good night, everyone.



Ready?? To funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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