Dear Future Self.



Dear Future Self,

I am writing from the present on behalf of both Me and Past Self. I want to tell you that we have survived the past so far, and anything I feel now, by the time you read this, Future Self, you will realize that the effort we are expending needlessly in worry and self-pity are just expressions of a lesser way to view our plight. You will survive. You are a survivor. And by now, you have realized the pure truth of the matter- No matter what,   you will always have it within yourself, an innate ability to heal yourself, to focus on positivity and healing, create the health and peace we crave by controlling the more primitive part of your brain that has been conditioned to worry about issues out of your control. Know that I love you, I think you have done the best you can until now, and I have faith in you that you will continue to better yourself, improve your life and let go of the past. We don’t need it anymore.

Also, Future Self, please be aware that I have located my bottle of organic vodka, and may have a little fun tonight.


Present Self.





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