We’re in Business


We’re in business, people! Last night I wrote a post of my blog The Legends of Sangue (When Mediocre Just Won’t Do), expressing my desire to further my marketing and business efforts, in order to gain more recognition, more readers and more sales. Through research, I have discovered a book published by a company looks much more professional than a self-published book. Also, that it is possible to begin your own publishing company, even if it’s just for the sole purpose of publishing your own work. So, I thought and thought and thought…

And The Village Poet Press was born!

Yes, it is a real business, and shortly all my books will be published under this company name. I figured, if I’m already doing all the work of a full time publishing company, then I may as well give it a name and make it real.

Along with this will be plans to further my marketing reach with specific attempts to gain readership by targeting proper demographics, networking online and off, and doing whatever I can to get the word of my novels out there. Just thought you all would be interested! I’ve gathered some initiative, pretty neat.

Have a wonderful day!



The Village Poet Press

The Legends of Sangue


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