April Blizzards Bring May… Lizards?


I apologize for the pun, but I could not think of anything else that rhymes with these wretched April blizzards we continue to get. I can only imagine what they will be bringing for May!

I hope it won’t be more blizzards!

My fingers are so cold I can barely type, lol.

Oh anyhow, Of Trust Or Treason is going fantastically well! I wrote a few thousand words last night, I am piecing together all the little bits, editing as I go along. Work I truly enjoy! (Uh, well, the writing. The editing not as much) But the book should be WELL more than ready for publication by June! I can’t believe it’s almost June. Of course, I’m watching a blizzard out my window right now- of course I don’t believe it’s almost June!

Oh well, nothing I can do but hope for the best!

Have a good night everybody, I am off to do some more authoring!




“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

-Edgar Allan Poe


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