MORE April Blizzards Bring- Ah Screw It, Where’s Summer?

SummerTimeThis is what it should be beginning to look like outside. This is what it actually looks like.


Only not as pretty.

I never thought I’d watch a blizzard fall in the daylight at 8pm.

Don’t get me wrong, the beautiful extended summer we had last year was splendid and life saving, the bright sunlight getting me through school, stepping outside into it and feeling it wash away the stress and torment of tests and harsh chemical smells from the cosmetology area I had to walk through every day and unpleasant classmates and change and life stress and so on, so forth.

I remember my most favorite day of school being the day our teacher took us running outside in 90-something degree weather, barefoot and running through the park and up and down parking ramps in attempts to teach us about proprioception, the muscles of the legs and thighs, an excuse to go outside (as he likes the indoors and winter about as well as I do) and as I assumed as a way to get out old retired military urges to run us ragged boot camp style. It was a blessed day.

But this extended winter is more tiring than anything I ever experienced last year. And a lot happened last year. As long as it happens in the sunlight, it isn’t as bad. Stuck in a cold room surrounded in nothing but negativity without the ability to go outside and run, or sit in the sunlight, cleanse myself, get a tan, breathe… It becomes unbearable. Back in February I was speaking to somebody who was not from here and having a terrible time with our winter, and I said to him, “Don’t worry, it’s almost March, the weather will get better soon!”

Now what ought I say? Don’t worry, it’s almost May… It’s South Dakota, God knows what it’s going to do.

There, that’s more accurate.

I can’t help but feel if I could just get outside and breathe, stand with the sunlight on my shoulders… Life wouldn’t be so hard.

Well, until further notice, I have some pictures. If what they say is true; that what you think and what you pray for and what you put your energy toward is what you get back, here’s some beautiful pictures to look at and wish and wonder and dream and pray for.


How nice does that look?


To sit amongst a field of daisies in the summertime… Ah, doesn’t it bring back childhood memories? Chasing butterflies… watching thick white clouds and all the shapes they take… dogs and unicorns…


Free fall into the ocean under the setting sun? Yes, please.


Wish I was here!


Wish this were me!!


To be sitting under the sun, getting a tan, warm on the outside, happy on the inside, such beauty…


This is where I want to be RIGHT NOW.

Summer7This is what I want to be drinking RIGHT NOW.

Well, thank you for dreaming these summer dreams with me 🙂



“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

-Edgar Allan Poe


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