The Best “Wrong Job” Ever Done!


So this is what my brain looked like last night, when I realized I had ONE day to get my finances finished and sales taxes figured out, as it was due in full TODAY. Yikes. I couldn’t remember how he told me to fill out the form! I blanked on everything! Context: My state’s sales tax is 6%. The form wanted me to write down the figures for 4%. Why?? (Answer: State tax) It wanted a city code, for which city I made money in. It said 1%! Why?? (Answer: I had the wrong code) And where the hell does the other 2% come in that makes up that 6%?? (Answer: City tax)

So, here is what I did. I did the math for 4%, the math for 5% (in case the 1% city tax code was the right one) and 6% since I knew state tax was 6% (That’s what I pay when I shop in this city, anyway). I will wholeheartedly admit to not being a mathematician. But I managed it. Then I took the form, since the tax man had VERY enthusiastically pointed out to me last time that I HAVE to put the city code down for each transaction (I thought he meant to put down each transaction, not just if the transaction took place in different cities) and I wanted to be prepared, I itemized everything on the form, and brought precise money to pay for either 4%, 5% or 6%). Very precise. Very accurate. Very wrong.

I approached the lady at the front desk by showing her the form and telling her, “I’m pretty sure this is wrong, but I did my best.” She laughed and took it, looking it over and said, “I’m pretty sure it’s wrong too, but it’s very precise.” She called the tax man to let him know I was there and needed to go over the form with him.

While I waited, we joked around, the nice lady and I, about the weather, about taxes, so on and so forth. I explained an abridged version of how I came to do the form the way I did, and she laughed and told me, “If it helps, it’s the best “wrong job” I’ve ever seen!” LOL. I cracked up. Because in fact, it did help. If I was going to do it wrongly, at least I did it thoroughly. She said she sees people throw stuff together, get their figures wrong, hope they won’t notice, do sloppy work. This was the most precise way to do it wrong she’d ever seen, hahaha. I am actually proud for that. Even the tax man was impressed by it, lol. (And not in a mean way). Plus, I got to meet a really nice lady today and I got a nice thorough explanation for exactly how to fill out the form and the accurate code for the city (I was a digit off. It was a 2% code I needed but the only one I found was a 1% code that is added on top of the 6% in certain cases, such as if I worked in restaurant, sold alcohol, or did business on an “Indian” reservation.) So it wasn’t that bad of a situation. I learned a good lesson, and was very grateful the man took the time to help me fill out a new form box by box instead of just running through it and telling me to bring it back later. Next time, I know what to do, lol.

And I’m pretty sure I gave them both a funny story to tell, too.

Anyway, now I know how to do it in the future, and in the future I will do it as I go along instead of waiting for the last moment. And hope that next time, I’ll have more to not have to itemize, hehe.



“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

-Edgar Allan Poe


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