The Cheetah and the Dog


Dogs are regarded as man’s best friend, but it turns out that they get along famously with cheetahs as well!

Cheetah numbers are a fraction of what they were 100 years ago and there is a low level of genetic diversity among those left. This puts added pressure on breeding and conservation efforts and the cats can become too stressed out to mate. This is where the dogs come in.

Baby cheetahs and puppies (typically from a rescue shelter) are gradually introduced to each other. They are given toys to help break the ice and encourage bonding, and eventually, friendships form. These friendships allow the cat to blow off some steam and relax, making it more willing to accept a mate.

Believe it or not, the dog is the dominant one of the friendship, regardless of size. They actually have to be separated at meal time, otherwise the dog will eat all of the cheetah’s food.

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Photo credit: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


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