New Characters= Complicated Fun!!


It’s been awhile since I’ve talked in any kind of detail regarding my novels. I cannot tell you why, I just haven’t. Now I want to (funny how life works out that way.)

So, my two newest characters (First Captain Aida Mancini and Captain Mario Baldovino) were introduced to my series in 2009 (when I began the rewrites of the whole series, starting with book 1, Blood of Darkness, which was published in April of 2012) I made so many changes from the original books that I found gaps that I needed to fill in, and Aida and Baldovino did so perfectly. That is probably the most grateful change I have needed to make, I love Aida and Baldovino and they have become important aspects to the series.

BUT, it has made things slightly complicated. Being that they did not come into my series until 2009, and I finished with the original copy of book 11 in 2008 (remember, I am rewriting them all). That leaves 11 books they had no parts in. At first, Baldovino was a fill-in character who has become a very integral sub-character, and Aida was originally intended to have a big part in books one and three, and fade from there. I feel almost blasphemous saying so, Aida is such a dear part of the series now. But that leaves me with 11 books I need to change.

How much fun is that??? TONS.

It’s complicated, but it’s fun. And I can’t help but feel these characters were missing from the very beginning. Aida’s quirky bad-ass attitude adding comedic value, Baldovino’s brash hardcore personality adding its own form of comedy as it becomes clear since book 3 just how much he hates the Werewolves.

And the more I write, the more it becomes so obvious that they belong, just as importantly as all my other characters. From the first character I created in 1999 (Alisha) to the turning point in 2002 when I decided Otztal would be my main character, to now, when book four is almost entirely reconstructed and in its final edit before publication, with 9 more books (at least) in the works just waiting to be rewritten and published… It’s been an incredible journey that continues in complicated, fun and amazing ways.

I can’t wait to see how the series continues as I continue to mold it and form it and watch it grow, and be grateful that I can share this experience with all of you 🙂 Thank you, my dedicated fans and readers!


The Legends of Sangue

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

-Ernest Hemingway


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