Intrigue and Adventure- The Finer Things in Life

Adventure pic

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath…. and jump.”

Think Not…  That you are not adventurous.

Think Not… That you have to be shipwrecked at sea and deserted on a secluded island in the north pacific to constitute having an “adventure”

Think Not… That you must have a certain personality, way of life or be somebody different than who you are to live life in such a way.


Know… That you can have an adventure no matter who or where you are

Know… That all it takes is the proper outlook on life for every day to become an adventure

Know… That positive changes in attitude and coming to terms with yourself is the greatest adventure in life and will open doors and present opportunities you never dreamed of

But most of all…

Know… You had it all along, what it takes to be adventurous and enjoy life, step out of your shell, come into the light and SHINE. To realize the finer things in life are not things- but YOU.

Let ALL things intrigue you, not just what you’re told to be interested in. Let yourself open up and accept the beauty in life.

Don’t be afraid to seize opportunities as they come along, know that they are appearing to you for a reason. Shed misconceptions that force you to believe you’re unable to do it, no matter what others have told you. Shed fear of the unknown- for what you don’t know may enrich your soul. Shed uncertainty and allow yourself to trust your instincts. Shed hesitation, because there is no way to cross the raging waters without taking that bold leap. The moment you accept yourself  is the moment you become happy and see the world and your life for what it truly is.

An adventure.


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

-Ernest Hemingway


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