The Internet Drama Prevails

Ah, the art of remaining optimistic when there is no optimism to be seen on the horizon. Scratch that, there is, I’m just having difficulties reaching for it. Sometimes pretending can be fun, maybe I ought to make a yummy dinner and rent a funny movie, that should help! As long as I don’t plan on watching it online, that is.

Not to gripe (regardless that this counts), but the issues of the internet not only prevail but continue to worsen. I am trying to see it as a learning experience, but when you have two hours at somebody’s house to use their internet and a one hour (two hour max, if you play it right) limit on the library computers it’s difficult to see how one can balance internet doings for one’s local business, internet doings for one’s INTERNET business, personal internet doings and increasingly productive and important personal hobby/research internet doings in just an hour or two. Responding late to official and/client emails, pushing back my publication date and falling behind on research for my new professional acting role are some things that are difficult to keep optimistic about.

Ah, fix the internet you may suggest. Easier said than done. If it’s made after the year 2004, I don’t know what to do with it, in terms of technology. Needless to say the internet and computers have changed a little bit in nine years. Explanations given to me include “I don’t know” and “nothing a new computer won’t fix” and that is when I sigh and move on to other topics or walk away entirely. Some theories have been devised from thin air and either held onto for a semblance of hope, or let go just as quickly as they were manifested from nothing just for some kind of explanation. Memory, ram, Firewall, internet company, all the way down to the freakin icons on my desktop have all been theorized and blamed. My computer is now the cleanest computer in the world and has an incredible half a drive of empty space, entirely virus free, free of rarely used EVERYTHING and cleared to just about the bare minimum in proof that is has nothing to do with my memory and computer speed.

Well, I am entirely done griping for the day/week. Complaining isn’t going to fix anything and neither is blogging on limited time. Luckily, I found me enough smarts to do business stuff FIRST, rather than assuming I had time to get everything done and unfortunately being wrong. I ought to get a lot of exercise walking to the library. There’s a plus.

Now, let’s go have some healthy soup, some unhealthy tacos and lots of yummy honey and watch a few reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Which, come to think of it, I can consider research for my upcoming role, considering it is half improv as well as conventional acting and I haven’t improv’d before, other than what I do on a daily basis in what they call “real life”.

Whoops, out of time! Have a wonderful night, my friends 🙂


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