The New American-British-Parent Slang Dictionary



For no reason at all, I have concocted a list of slang words/phrases in three important English dialects: American, British and Parent. Many of these slang words are becoming intermingled in other dialects, cultures and people of different stations (for instance, sometimes Aunts or Grandparents are finding themselves speaking Parent more and more), so it is important to know them all.

Word: Cigarette

American: “Cig” or “Cigarette”

British: “Fag”

Parent: “If I ever catch you smoking I’ll…”


Word: Restroom as in “I have to visit the restroom”

American: “Bathroom” as in “I have to go to the bathroom”

British: “Toilet” as in “I have to go to the toilet”

Parent: “Potty” as in “I have to tinkle in the potty”


Word: Intercourse

American: “Sex”

British: “Shag”

Parent: “What did you just say??”


Word: Drunk

American: “Shitfaced”

British: “Pissed”

Parent: “You better not be drunk!”


Word: Pet Names

American: “Sweetie”, “Honey”, “Baby”

British: “Darling”, “Love”, “My dear”

Parent: “Who’s my sweetest little sweetie-pie boo-boo??”

babyWord: Praise

American: “That’s great!”

British: “That’s brilliant!”

Parent: “My honor student can kick your honer student’s butt!”

honorstudentWord: Prayer

American: “Dear God”

British: “My Lord”

Parent: “If you don’t get in here right now I swear to God…”

3332643_f260Word: “Mother” and “Father”

American: “Mommy”, “Daddy”

British: “Mum”, “Daddy”

Parent: “I’m your mother, not your maid! Pick up after yourself!”


And last but not least:

Word: Courtship

American: “Dating”

British: “Dating”

Parent: “You are not dating until you are at least thirty years old!”


But of course, there is always the gender and British double standard.

britishboyI guess there’s a lot of eighteen year old boys dating thirty year old women. Who figured.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my new dictionary and find it useful in your every day vocabulary. Until next time… This time.




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-Ernest Hemingway


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