Life Lessons Learned Hard

You know those moments. The times where something presents itself to you that seems so right. Where you know it is the perfect opportunity. Yes, it’s perhaps a little askew from your original plans, but the opportunities are potential to be endless!

Who cares that you’ve got a little internal debate going inside of you the very moment that opportunity came knocking at your door. Is it right for me? YES! Is it truly right for me? N-… YES!

Only GOOD can come of it.

I’ve been entirely fucked over by this phenomena before. Even now, as I am in the process of personal growth, learning to listen to my intuition and meeting myself from the inside out, even now I am amazingly vulnerable to it. Why? That person seemed so sincere.

I caught myself this time. My conscious still does not yet understand exactly why I said no, and I shall not give it the pleasure of trying. Some things just are. And others aren’t. I recieved the same feeling from this opportunity as the one that got me hanged at the salon. Whether it is because it’s not in my original plans (the ones that are going so well and need not be messed with) or a forewarning to something unpleasant- I listened this time.

My very best advice to you right now. If it seems wrong, even in the most minute miniscule little way, it IS. The closer it came to that meeting, the sicker I began to feel. The moment I nicely called to cancel, I began to feel better. I’m not 100% yet, but that’s probably because I’ve been having this internal debate over the entire weekend.

I feel fortunate that I caught it in time, rather than being screwed over again. This is a type of situation that has presented itself multiple times in my life, it is now time to learn the lesson it was presenting me with. Just because something looks good on paper (so to say) doesn’t mean it is. And shove my ego aside just long enough to let me see the bigger picture, to give me the opportunity to say “this sounds wonderful, but I think I’ll pass.”

Ah, yes, so there we go. Time to go make some dinner, take it easy, and congratulate myself on one more lesson learned in this life. Even if it is a little hard.



“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach


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