“Partners In Crime”- Episode 1 (My Day In A Short Noir)


And there she was. Woken up again, another day. Just like any other, they may say. A look at the book, putting pants on one leg at a time, using the toilet. Yes, a morning, just like any other.

But little did she know, when that morning passes, there will be an afternoon. A suspicious afternoon. An afternoon to leave chills down her spine.

An afternoon to be suspicious of.


First there came the call, you see. That strange call. At first she thought… it couldn’t be. A strange woman on the other end, leaving a message. Just like that. Like it was any other missed-call occasion. As if everything was… normal.

But it wasn’t normal.

I mean, who leaves a message in such a way, who? To request a call back but not until… later?

Now that raised her suspicions, you see. Who calls just to say… Call me later.

Even worse…

Call me tomorrow.

Naturally, she thought the worst. A stranger, using their phone, to call, to make a special appointment. An appointment that could mean the difference between… a late lunch, or an early lunch.


It made her think, as she repeated the message to ensure she had written down and heard every word correctly. Should I call her later, should I call her tomorrow?

The questions, there were just too many.

She thinks about it, as she lights a cigarette and leans against a lamppost in the middle of the night for no reason.


But wait. The meeting. She wonders if leaning against a lamppost in the middle of the night while smoking a cigarette can fit into her schedule well when she has that secret meeting to attend. The meeting of which may contain clues. May contain… answers.


She attends this meeting. There were no actual dark alleys to walk down, but the construction traffic she endured for half an hour was frightening enough to make any cigarette-smoking-stranger filled dark alley in the middle of the night look like a picnic at the county fair.

She enters this building, this maze of a building that once again arouses her suspicion. Who builds their office complex in a circle structure if they haven’t got something to hide? She pretends to get lost. For looks. Just for looks. To scope out the place, you know. To question the local office dwellers, incognito, discover clues. By no means did she actually get lost, that’s just a vicious rumor. Spread by her enemies. Members of the local gang of Massage Therapists that don’t like her style. Don’t like the way she practices… barefoot. They mean to bring her down. She means to discover their seedy secrets and expose them for what they really are…. Chiropractors.


But alas, there were no clues to be found, no secrets to unearth. Just a meeting, like any other. Top secret work. Nothing to hide. Nothing…. to hide…

::::Cue dramatic music:::

Until next time, the Massage Therapist, with too much time on her hands, adventures to be had in life. She knows she’ll uncover the truth one day. Someday.



“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach


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