“Partners In Crime”- Episode 2 (My Day In A Short Noir)


Let’s get to the point here. It was as she suspected. Ill-prepared and equipped with determination, she wakes up not knowing what she will face on this special day. What makes it so special, you may ask? Her mission.

Lost in a sea of phone calls, the mass effort to throw her off her mission, she prevails anyhow. She feels the danger all around. But enough back story. Let’s continue the real story.

She eases around the front, she remembers the key but who knows what lays inside. It could be… anything. Anything at all.


She puts the key in the lock and listens for any sounds that may tell her what she is about to face. She hears nothing. But every good ace knows that the sound of silence is more suspicious than a scream, more suspicious than… a squeak. It wearies her already.


Entering through the front door is as dangerous as entering through the back. Though she only has keys to the front. Her contacts in the district were unable to provide her with a secondary option, and climbing in through the window was bound to draw attention in the daylight. Plus, the window doesn’t open, it’s one of those that’s just for looks, just for… sunlight.

She turns the doorknob, and waits for the sound. Easing the door open an inch at a time… unsure what may pop out at her… She waits another moment. Then she sees him. He’s been waiting. Him… and an unpleasant surprise.


He turns to greet her. Perhaps a friendly hello. Perhaps a request for a… treat. She doesn’t know what to expect, except that he’s made her, he has eyes only for her, and just as she suspected…

He was a dog.

noir dog

Oh boy. This was going to be messy business.

Messy business indeed.


*** To Be Continued…. ***



“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach


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