“Partners In Crime” Episode 3 (My Day In A Short Noir)


So there they were. Just she and Gibbs. It became evident quite quickly that this was not a mission she could afford to fail, nor a job she could turn down. He liked to run, and he jogged at just her pace. This wasn’t a partnership she could easily turn down with a clear conscience, nor one she would even want to. It was time to work together.

Yet still, the question remained… Just how far could she trust him?


It was a small job, once they’d agreed to work together without ratting one another out to the bulls for past deeds done cheap. No, it was time to move beyond that. It was time for… dinner.

Dinner, you say. Well, she had to admit it was a bit easier for him, being a Dog in his own domain he had his ducks in a row, and what a fine row it was. New to the scene, a steady feeling of unease overcoming her, she began to realize this wasn’t going to be as easy as it looked. She would have to get back into disguise and sneak back into her old district to rustle up some grub, sneak back without the bulls and snitches being the wiser. And she had to do it alone.

It wasn’t anything she hadn’t done before, she was a pro, an ace, she could do it without issue.

Then the storm hit.


*** To Be Continued… ***



“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach


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