“Partners In Crime”- Conclusion (My Day In A Short Noir)


No, he couldn’t.

She was never one to fool for such cons, and she made her point by turning him in to the buttons to spend some time behind bars while she ate. It was a peaceful time, but guilt wracked her and she was soon planning a jailbreak. She just couldn’t live with herself if her partner in crime were to spend the rest of the night in the jug… so she came up with the most elaborate plan ever… she opened the baby gate. Once she was done eating, that was.

As expected he was all over her with apologies. Slobbery gestures of remorse and affection, the wanting, the yearning for her approval. “I won’t do it again, babe.” But she wasn’t so sure.

Regardless, she let him into her bed. It was time to sleep.

a The Narrow Margin Film Noir Classic Collection boxset 2 dvd review PDVD_008

“You better not get any wrong ideas, bruno.” She warned him ahead of time. “I gotta sleep, you gotta sleep, it’s just you and I here in this scatter, I ain’t no pro skirt and I don’t intend to be daisy. Keep your tail to yourself and no one has to swing.”

It was agreed then. This mission had been exhausting and they were both just too tired to continue on without the help of a little sleep, not if they intended to finish their mission without getting blipped, blown down, bopped, bumped, chilled, chived, croaked, cut down, drilled, fogged, kicked, knocked, pooped, rubbed, zotzed, or just plain… killed.

They both laid down. But not for long.


The sleeping femme fatale. She finally dozes off, only to wake moments later to see this staring right in her face, a disconcerting and… dangerous expression on his face.


It was back and forth between the two. She wanted to sleep, and he wanted to… chew. An arm, a leg, a cushion, it didn’t matter so long as his teeth were occupied. But it wasn’t long before she realized… it did matter. He wanted skin. He wanted flesh. He wanted to… nurse. He was a Puppy, after all.

But it wasn’t long before all her unmet demands and unsuccessful discouragement started turning her disgruntled, dazed, annoyed… angry.


As all the nibbling and jumping and growling wore on through the night, she began to go from this:

film_noir_0001To this:

Flared Nostrils

And she knew she had to do something to put a stop to this mad behavior. It was driving her insane and he knew it. She couldn’t give in, she couldn’t give up, no matter how persuasive, no matter how persistent. She had to persevere but it was just… too difficult.

“Gibbs,” She finally says, “You wanna play?”

“What do you think, doll?”


It was settled. They began to wrestle, to play, to chew on rawhides together. She knew this wasn’t what the typical partners in crime did but he wasn’t a typical Dog and she wasn’t a typical Ace. They both had pasts, they both had their dirty secrets and strange silhouetted shadows to hide from. She had a fondness of leaning against lampposts, and he had a fondness to piddle on them.

LD lamppost

It was almost like it was… meant to be.


They finally settle down. It was a strange night, an eccentric night, and certainly unplanned. But isn’t that all life is? One unplanned event after another. It had her shaken… rattled.

No longer were they enemies. She knew then that she could trust that young bruno, and all suspicion was gone. She had to accept his dark side, so long as he understood there were boundaries, certain rules and morals she refused to set aside.

Her shoulder was not a means to feed.

Though accidents will happen. A little blood was shed. Nothing to worry on.

But as with all things in life… there was a twist.

A twist that left her questioning his intentions, her instincts. Was she wrong to trust this Dog so soon?

And before she knew it…

He was back to chewing on her toes.


And sneaking up on her with slobbery kisses when she wasn’t looking.


Even… tearing a hole in the back of her last pair of pants (and the skin underneath.)

But she began to realize finally, after spending so many suspenseful hours together.

That was just his way of expressing love.

And who was she to question the affections of a Dog?


And that’s it. They survived the night and went their separate ways.  Today he goes back into the business, the dirty business where shadows crawl along dark alleys and Poohs better watch their backs or they might get cut down at the earliest opportunity, just for a little scratch.

And as for her… Well, she knows that if they ever cross paths again they’ll pretend they never knew one another. Never been through the dangers that they faced together, never knew the feel of his warm drooling tongue against her face as she slept and his shiny, debonair teeth in her flesh, the happy wagging of his tail and sly ways he seemed to always find a way to get what he wanted. But that was all right by her, for today she can live by those memories.

And tomorrow…

She gets a new pair of pants.


*********     FIN     *********



“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach


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