Betrayal of Weakness, Book Five of The Legends of Sangue coming soon!

Betrayal of Weakness, Book Five of The Legends of Sangue coming soon!


Almost thirty-six years after the tragedy of Queen Tancia Catallino’s brutal murder leaves the royal line and rural community of Sangue, Montana lost and hopeless. The Elemental Circle missing a sorceress on the brink of destruction, impending disaster and mass death, the only person prophesized to find her has gone missing. The tiny town of the underworld suddenly comes to light in the normal mortal world and everything begins to fall apart, with no closure to the cherished Queen’s death and the royal line of Sangue open to enemy attack, all sorceric protection failing with the impending Elemental Circle’s demise, nobody knows what to do.

 A surprise visit from the past brings precious new, fragile hope to Sangue, just as the town is attacked and the destruction of the world is all but imminent. It’s anyone’s game, a dangerous game that must be played with utmost caution. Rules have to be broken in the worst ways and old grievances aired, enemies reunited as allies with Sangue and the impossible accomplished before a single chance of survival can be obtained. But can everyone work together peacefully in time to keep tragedy from repeating itself?

Better yet, will the ancient prophecies of Sangue’s survival be fulfilled, the true leader found before all is destroyed and the harrowing sacrifices of the past mean nothing?

Can Sangue’s path to peace finally be restored?

The answer lies within the most shocking of discoveries. And somebody knew the answer all along.

They just haven’t realized it yet.


“To survive, you must tell stories.”

-Umberto Eco


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