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Going Mad


Ah, my mortal enemy. Writer’s block. But can it be considered genuine “writer’s block” (Not that I believe in it, as you know from previous posts) if I know exactly what I want to write… But not how?

All week long I’ve come up with BRILLIANT ideas, the stuff that BRILLIANCE is made of. (Yes I’m sober.)

But every time I sit down at my typewriter- nil. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Nine.

Why? Good Gosh, I haven’t a clue.

So here is my night in a nutshell before my nightcap.

I make dinner (yum but yawn), watch an episode of Quantum Leap (“Dreams” season 4) get all intrigued and ideas begin to flow (again). Sit at computer (actually, I’m already seated at it). Open Word. Nothing. Get up, dance for an hour and a half to clear my mind. It works. The ideas begin to flow. They build up until I begin to tremble, the sweat pours down my body, my heart is pounding to the rhythm of my desire to write and passion to put quill to paper or fingers to keys is almost too much to handle! I’m going to explode! Hurry up, damnit, Microsoft Word just open the new file! Yes, I want a blank page. Yes I want it formatted. Yes, yes yes, yes YES!


Blog about it.

Still nothing.


Writing does clear my mind, it’s the reason I do it, among many reasons indeed. I rather appreciate a clear mind when I go about my daily business, especially when my daily business IS business, such as today when all I’ve done is reformat, upload, edit, talk to a business development person from the SBA (Small Business Association), come up with a game plan to promote both businesses and myself. Hours spent on what appears to be nothing by the end of the day. Though, Amazon now has updated copies of The Legends of Sangue books 1-3 by Stacey Katheryn through The Village Poet Press. I have some wonderful ideas to work on this business and my Massage business. So I suppose, today was VERY productive.

Today my mind was flowing with ideas as most other days, wishing I was in a place or time to sit and write. I have millions of ideas just floating around in this noggin of mine. So why can’t I let them escape?

I will tell you the one thing I have discovered so far. It’s entirely mental. (But isn’t everything related to writing just mental?) There is something that is stopping my fingers whenever I put them to the keyboard. Now, I am rewording some things, editing my book, prepping it for its June publication (Check out details here: Of Trust of Treason, Book Four of The Legends of Sangue) but I can’t seem to do anything but play with what is already there.

Where’s the new stuff? In my head, silly. Hell, I have entire books planned by now. All I need to do is get past this mental block and get them down.

I have a feeling it’s either going to take an exorbitant amount of alcohol, or an exorbitant amout of chocolate and coffee.

Or Elvis.

“For I can’t help falling in love with you…”



“Good fiction’s job is to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.”

-David Foster Wallace


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