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Internet Purgatory


At risk of complaining, I prefer my own computer. But right now, it is experiencing a pseudo-reality of which I like to refer to as “Internet Purgatory”, the state of being one’s internet connection becomes when there is issues with either the connection, company, or computer.

The definition of this internet’s state of being [purgatory] is described as being stuck in “load” mode, without crashing, without timing-out, and without loading the page. Also, when it takes more than 2 seconds to scroll down a page.

Being that the internet connection here is not always the best, I automatically assumed it was purely the internet. When other computers proved to not have as severe an issue as mine, I began to dig a little deeper. The possibilities are endless.

So I’m in the process of cleaning, tweaking, defragging, scanning, and spit-shining my computer with the working theory that the issue may be directly involved with the DVD player. Hopefully the issue will resolve soon.

Of course, the more I use the same internet connection on another computer and once again it proves to be as slow as mine, I begin to rework my theory (again) but since it works the first ten minutes and slightly better for certain sites, and nobody has the patience to wait ten minutes to prove my theory, it remains my word against the internet’s, and the internet costs more. I lose. At least my computer will be nice and clean, and other programs work fine.


I finally got my debts at the library (not mine, thanks) paid off, so I can use their internet, but it’s a long walk/tedious drive/unreliable resource. I don’t always have the time to wait in line to use the computers, to have an hour limited usage when I have emails to check, blogs to keep up with, marketing, so on and so forth. Plus, there’s no looking up funny images for my blogs or enough time to do substantial research and of course, no way I can watch how-to YouTube videos to learn the Charleston dance.


Not something one can do in the public library

 I will soon write a blog as to WHY I am learning the Charleston dance, because it is a magnificent story. But this blog is already taken up a ridiculous amount of time, and writing another will take another two hours, three or four if I want to add pictures. So I promise, I will write one soon, either my next day off, or the library, lol! Until further notice!

Have a beautiful day!!



“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

-Ernest Hemingway


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Oh boy.

Oh boy.

Somewhere between cramming my mind with sarcolemmas and acromions and plantar fascitis, I’ve had to somehow cram my mind with the extensor digitorum, extensor carpi radialis brevis, quadratus longus and pinky toes, I’ve been overwhelmed and bombarded with exhaustion, desperation and thirst.

Losing the internet for a few days didn’t help.

Honestly, you may have gotten a chuckle out of the previously stated sentence. And where I can see the humor, it’s so totally true.

I can’t even sort my thoughts into appropriate sentence structures at the moment. All I know at this point in time, is that I’m finally glad to have my internet back. More blogging soon 🙂


Oh, and I’m also glad I got my seat in class back. Boo-yah!




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The good books make you cry

And here we are again! Day two, AVG free, and I only had to restart my computer four times before I could finally open firefox, and so far, it’s been letting me do everything I want! Hooray!

So, I’m going to write a real blog.

This one shall be about books. Why not? They are, after all, one of the things I am most passionate about, being a writer and all. And here’s where the title post came from.

I was having a discussion with a good internet friend of mine on the topic of The Hunger Games trilogy, and neither of us care for the ending. I will throw no spoilers here, so let’s just say it went against what we would have done, if we were the main character. (The old “what would you do in her situation” thing.) It was, admittedly, a traumatic ending. By the end of our long discussion, she was angry, and I was crying and we’d both been through a horrific turmoil of emotions in regards to the story, though we were on the same side of our discussion, and something she said made me realize…

It’s the good ones that make you cry. A truly great writer can make her readers cry or throw things and get angry or upset. It isn’t always about having to agree with the characters and the story and feel so safe and follow along with it in a cozy ‘nother-world, it’s about the emotions an author can invoke within her readers that counts. I’ve never once said I hated the books. I’ve said, I hate the ending, the ending sucked, she shouldn’t have blah blah… fill in the blanks. But never once did I say I didn’t like the writing. In a way, being able to have that reaction to the ending of a book, was relieving. Like I had the freedom to love the story and the characters and hate it so much I nearly threw my Kindle. I can now look back on these books with a little more fondness and understanding. Maybe now I can finally move on.

And it began me analyzing myself as a writer, as well. The ultimate question for me remains. Would I, as an author, have the guts to create an ending so powerful that it drove people to tears at the same time they were cursing the ending I’d written?

I guess time will tell.



P.S.  Read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and the other two books in her trilogy. I highly suggest it. Watch the movie too, while you’re at it. You might as well, they’re making four more of them.


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I’ve been doing a lot of research around the internet lately. Blogs, pictures, websites, whatever catches my fancy and truthfully, most everything does. Some things have become quite the curiosity for me, and I’ve decided there are a few things about this culture I do not understand. If anybody has some wise explanation for the existence of these strange, almost animalistic behaviors, by all means please enlighten me!

1. Planking.

This is not me planking

Talk about an (excuse the acronym) “OMG” moment. Or more like a “WTF” moment. What is the appeal of planking? I admit, the first one or two pictures I saw of someone planking was somewhat entertaining (haha, look at what that strange person is doing). But then I began to realize it has become a cultural obsession! How long has this bizarre behavior been going on? Where was I when it began? (Answer: Not planking.)

And people are just taking it too damn far, in my opinion. Not just by exhibit photo A (above), but this is proof of its gluttonous over-usage:

Now cook on HIGH for 4 minutes, turn once, and....

Who in their right minds would plank a baby on a microwave? That’s not cute. That’s dangerous and absurd.

The only form of planking I really understand is if it’s for some kind of act, something for entertainment as in contortionists and performers, for instance, this:

This is pretty cool

But this one is for entertainment and to show off your hard work and the skills that are produced from that hard work. Otherwise planking, to me, seems like a bunch of idiots laying around on their stomachs, propping themselves up on stuff or sticking their heads in toilets to look-… I don’t even know. Is “cool” the word I’m searching for? What term do the plankers use?

2.Taking pictures of your children with money

Is that how much he cost?

This is only one of literally hundreds I have discovered while scouring the internet for information. This one honestly baffles me. I just can’t figure out the “why”. WHY take pictures of your children with money? It seems to be most popular with babies. I just… the reason, the appeal, the whatever is just not there for me. Are we really so obsessed with money that we equate it to life?

3. The absurd over-usage of meaningless acronyms (or TAOUOMA, for short)

I concur

Now the usage of acronyms has been around forever, in every aspect of life and professions ranging from healthcare to the military to  ship captains and more. The idea is as a time saver. So you don’t have to write out full explanations that take up a lot of time or space, or acronyms used to shorten titles so they aren’t so long to say. Some common examples of typical abbreviations you may or may not have heard, but most you probably have, and I threw in a couple of old ones:

CD– Compact Disc (Common usage since CDs were born)

ASAP– As Soon As Possible (Common usage)

SOB– Shortness of Breath (Healthcare usage) We all know its other meaning.

PDQ– Pretty Damn Quick (Common usage in the 1800’s)

CQD– Come Quick Distress (Used by ship captains before SOS was put into effect)

SOS– This actually does not have an alphabetic equal. This has a morse code equivalent as …_ _ _… and that is how it was first established in Germany in 1905. It became known as SOS because the code spells SOS. In some places, the _ _ _ in morse code stands for the number 5, and there the code is known as S5S. SOS stopped being used, officially, in 1999.

ETA– Estimated Time of Arrival (Used primarily in the Military)

AWOL– Absent Without Leave (Used primarily in the Military)

MIA– Missing In Action (Used primarily in the Military)

APB– All Points Bulletin (Used primarily in law enforcement)

BYOB– Bring Your Own Beer [or Bottle] (Used for parties in which the host just invited a bunch of alcoholics and doesn’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money on alcohol. Or, for short: If you want to drink, bring your own!)

BM– Bite Me (Uncommon usage) or Bowel Movement (Healthcare usage)

DIY– Do It Yourself (Common usage)

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions (Common usage)

LEO– Law Enforcement Officer (guess)

FIFO– First In, First Out (Used primarily in food service)

The government is super good at acronyms: CIA, DHS, TSA, FBI, ICE,

Super good- just check out this list!

And it continues on. Nowadays, everything is turned into an acronym!

I’ll start by being fair and admitting that I use some acronyms too.

Acronyms I use regularly:

LOL- Laugh out Loud

IB– I’m Back

BRB– Be Right Back

TTYL– Talk To You Later

Acronyms I use sparingly:

WTF- What The Fuck (I only use this one when the implication is extreme.)

OMG– Oh My God (Only used with an undertone of sarcasm- and even then I feel my self-decency shrivel away as I use it.)

BTW– By The Way (This one is just habit.)

That’s pretty much it. LOL I adopted when it first began being used in the late nineties. Some of the others I adopted because of short-hand texting and limits to the length of texts on old or crappy phones.


OMFG,WTF,LOL,ROTFL,LMFAO,TY,NVM,SMH,FML,B/C,J/K,BF,BFF,GF,NG,CAD,CYA,FOB,FU,G2B,AAMOF,HTH,IMNSHO, WYSIWYG, BBLBNTSBO, Et Cetra. (I’ll post the meanings to these at the bottom in case you don’t know.)

This is extreme. It’s said that in fifty years, we won’t even use words anymore, it’ll all be acronyms. To me, this is lazy and annoying. Maybe I’m old fashioned or being on the cusp of Generation X and Generation Y, I’m more X than Y. I also don’t believe that acronyms, unless shortened as a title, or something too long or hard to say easily (CD, DVD, FAFSA, ETC.) should be spoken, especially not in every day conversation. Every time I hear somebody say “OMG” or “WTF” or “BFF” or “LMFAO” I want to slap them and tell them to use big-boy or big-girl words. Like I said, maybe I’m just not as Generation Y as one might expect of an early 80’s baby.

3.2- Full words shortened into acronyms

PLS/PLZ– Please

THX– Thanks

ABT– About

B4– Before

Just as annoying! (Handy for text limits, however)

Anyway, this is just three of many. So, like I said, if anyone can explain this phenomena, just let me know! Thx and Ttyl!



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Acronyms meanings:


Oh My Fucking God, What The Fuck, Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Laughing My Fucking Ass Off, Thank You, Never Mind, Shaking My Head, Fuck My Life, Because, Just Kidding, Boyfriend (or Best friend), Best Friends Forever, Girlfriend, No Go, Control Alt Delete, See Ya, Fuck Off Bitch, Fucked up or Fuck You,Going To Bed, As A Matter Of Fact, Hope This Helps, In My Not So Humble Opinion,What You See Is What You Get,Be Back Later But Not Too Soon Because Of…


If you’re going to plank, don’t do it in a toilet. Or at least, make sure you’ve flushed the toilet first.


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