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I would love your opinion!


My favorite books have always had their own shrine. As a matter of fact, my favorite trilogy (and the preceding book) I happen to own all four books in hard cover, soft cover and Kindle versions (I couldn’t find the preceding book on Kindle. So obsessive little me found the author’s website and her email and asked her nicely why she did not have her book on Kindle?  Her response had been because the first book was out of print and she’d have to do it herself.) A year later, I checked, and it’s on there 🙂 I bought it right away!!!!!!!!!



Anyway where was I??? Oh yes, MY writing! The picture I posted at the top got me off topic.

Ok so here’s my question: What would you, my awesome fellow bloggers and readership, think if I posted free short stories on Amazon to download? I have short stories related to my series, and some that aren’t related to my series. Asking for opinions in my blog usually gets me an opinion (two if I’m lucky), so I really invite EVERYONE to offer their thoughts!

My thought is this may help as a marketing strategy. I think people are more inclined to buy something that somebody has written if they’ve read stuff from them first, and all I’ve given you all is partial stories and snippets. Where’s the fun in that? I want to offer full stories for free (free is always easier!). Short stories are easy to read, they’re quick, they’re fun, and I don’t mind giving them out 🙂

So here’s the opinion I am looking to soak up from your awesome minds: Do you think you would be more inclined to purchase something from an author whose work you’ve already read?




“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

-Edgar Allan Poe


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