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Happy New Year

Here’s the simple truth: Nobody knows what’s going to happen.

There is no way to predetermine exactly what is going to happen at any time, in any place. We don’t know what’s meant to be and what’s not.  It doesn’t matter how hard we try; chances are, by the time it’s over (whatever ‘it’ is) we’re looking back and thinking “that is TOTALLY not how I thought that was going to happen.”

We can TRY to predetermine, preclude, theorize, idealize, preach, summarize, sympathize, emphasize, make up the most fantastical theories and try to convince others… but it’s all just the same. Theories.

I’m not just talking about all the end-of-the-world theories going around (actually, this post originally had nothing to do with it) though I suppose the topic does apply. It’s on a lot of people’s minds. What happens when the alien zombies come down from outer space to determine if the world is worth saving while the asteroid is heading straight for us and the rotation of the planet is shifting so fast that NASA doesn’t even know where in the world the asteroid is even going to hit and the alien zombies use mental technology to feast on our gray matter, which will actually make the raging solar flares more tolerable because then we won’t feel it when our flesh melts off our bodies and the new ice age begins, freezing us deep into the earth and thus beginning a twisted sort of “circle of life” in which we become the earth, the alien zombies become us, and everybody forgot about that asteroid. Crash. Now there’s a million little earths and we can all start from the beginning: As single-celled organisms.

The idea that this is how it’s all going to end may just help in making our current world a little more tolerable.

Or maybe not. Regardless. Here’s my point: As hard as it is, there is no use in not being positive. I know some a little better apt at this than I am, but I’m learning nonetheless.

And there’s no use in living in the past, either. I mean, look at where the past has got us?

Positivity. Right. Sometimes I think it’s all been boiled out of me. Perhaps my lot in life is to learn how to have positivity and spread it to others. Generally I’m actually fairly good at this.

But not this time. Not in this post. Why? Because rainbows and sunshine don’t fix all the problems in the world.

And then… and then it clicks. Who in the world ever thought it possible to solve all the problems in the world? This is a large place, with a bitch-load of people, so different and so absurd in their own rights to be so, imposing their own twisted ideals on everybody else and expecting to be respected (or feared) as the moral majority wonder just what in the hell happened that led us to the point we’re at. I’m not listing anything specific, because there’s just too much to mention, and we’re all alone together in our own personal grievances and sorrow, while the whole world grieves for the love that we’re all entitled to, but just doesn’t seem to be enough of.

Maybe that’s untrue. Maybe we’re just afraid of love to the point that we keep it held within ourselves, unable to let it out for fear of getting hurt. Because, after all, that is all that happens in this world anymore: Hurt. Why add to it?

Because sometimes it’s worth it, that’s why.

Let’s entertain the idea that the world isn’t going to end this year. Some of us don’t want to do that. Why? Because thinking that the world is going to end shortly is the only way, for some people, to tolerate what’s going on in the world. Everyone is so miserable, at this point, having it all just “end” can seem somewhat appealing.

But let’s say it’s not. This world is going to keep spinning long past December 21st, 2012. We’re all going to struggle to get through another Christmas and another New Years and another holiday season. What now?

Who knows. Nobody.

Thus giving us the distinct advantage of being able to survive through common sense and ignorance, rather than irrational thoughts based on common knowledge.

We don’t know what’s going to happen, thus giving us the opportunity to make better future choices.

Take those two points into consideration. Maybe we can do something of our ignorance and take it NOT to mean that we don’t know what’s going on, but that we’re capable of learning. If we’re capable of learning, we’re capable of changing. With this capability comes the ability, if used correctly, to do things right for once.

And, if all else fails and the world does end, at least you’ll die having learned a little more than what you used to know.

I’ll try and be a little more positive next time.

Happy New Year



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