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Been awhile, hasn’t it?

Hello friends!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I wanted to give a quick word for my new facebook project Romance Eternal, a page dedicated to lovers of romance and eternal love. It’s Love Language week!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!



“To survive, you must tell stories.”

-Umberto Eco



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Baby It’s Cold Outside


(I really can’t stay) But baby it’s cold outside
(Got to go away) But baby it’s cold outside
(This evening has been) Been hoping that you’d drop in
(So very nice) I’ll hold your hands they’re just like ice
(My mother will start to worry) Beautiful what’s your hurry
(My father will be pacing the floor) Listen to the fireplace roar
(So really I’d better scurry) Beautiful please don’t hurry
(Well maybe just a half a drink more) Put some records on while I pour
(The neighbors might think) Baby it’s bad out there
(Say what’s in this drink) No cabs to be had out there
(I wish I knew how) Your eyes are like starlight now
(To break this spell) I’ll take your hat your hair looks swell
(I ought to say no no no sir) Mind if I move in closer
(At least I’m going to say that I tried) What’s the sense of hurting my pride
(I really can’t stay) Baby don’t hold out
(Both) Baby it’s cold outside


(I simply must go) Baby it’s cold outside
(The answer is no) But baby it’s cold outside
(The welcome has been) How lucky that you dropped in
(So nice and warm) Look out the window at the storm
(My sister will be suspicious) Gosh your lips look delicious
(My brother will be there at the door) Waves upon a tropical shore
(My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious) Gosh your lips are delicious
(But maybe just a cigarette more) Never such a blizzard before
(I’ve  got to get home) But baby you’d freeze out there
(Say lend me a coat) It’s up to your knees out there
(You’ve really been grand) I thrill when you touch my hair
(But don’t you see) How can you do this thing to me
(There’s bound to be talk tomorrow) Think of my life-long sorrow
(At least there will be plenty implied) If you caught pneumonia and died
(I really can’t stay) Get over that old doubt
(Both) Baby it’s cold
(Both) Baby it’s cold outside





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Courage of a Dragon


If there is any creature I wish my courage could match, it would be a dragon (mythical-y speaking, of course.)

I’ve said it before, how I admire courage for all it’s worth, and it’s worth a lot.

But today, just now, I was analyzing just how MUCH courage it takes to live our daily lives. Even  the simplest decisions we make takes more courage than any of us realize we possess. So why not take it a step further?

If we can understand ourselves, and understand our potential- and more importantly, believe in our potential- we can stand on top of the world and be proud to call ourselves Humans.

It takes strength to stand above a petty argument and realize the truth behind it, that perhaps somebody is arguing because they feel insecure, unsafe, unloved.

It takes strength to get up in the mornings to face your bosses, or coworkers, or teachers, or somebody else who may not appreciate you, may treat you awfully, may not respect you as a human being.

It takes strength to go to bed knowing that you’ll just do the same the next day.

Deadlines and deals, early mornings and late nights, trying to push aside unhealthy habits and take up something healthier.

But most of all, it takes courage…

To fall in love.

Or, rather, to admit it when you have.

Legit or not, reciprocated or not- it takes courage to tell somebody how you feel.

I would venture to guess that most everyone knows the feeling. The butterflies in the tummy, the euphoric thoughts, doing and saying things you never in a million years thought you would. When their smile (or glance) can change your life.

And you’re terrified. Because what if they don’t reciprocate? What if they outright loathe you? (Rarely is this true). What if they’ve been sending you “go away” signals and you haven’t noticed?

For as much as you eagerly await their next text, you dread what it may say. The fragile moment in time where you are both feeling the same nervousness and don’t have the guts to take the next step and just say it. Say you like them, say you love them, say you care about them. That takes courage, trust me. Because no matter how hard you try, you cannot dictate the emotions of others (although how much more simple would life be if we could, huh?)

But I can promise you this. No matter what, it’s worth the risk to admit your feelings before it’s too late. Better to be rejected for the truth than accepted for a lie, and the truth is, if you’re rejected for the truth- that person didn’t deserve the truth to begin with.

And I’m not just talking about romantic relationships either. Anyone you love, tell them. Think of how wonderful it would feel if somebody said it to you? Say it to someone you love. The feeling you get when you’re told, or tell someone that you love them, is worth the thousand nerves it takes to say it. Just say it. You won’t regret it.

And THAT, my friends, is Dragon Courage.



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Where did my sister learn those words??

Well, to explain the title a bit here, once and awhile I do editing work for friends and family, mostly novels or short stories. Mainly of the Fantasy genre as I have so much experience in it (12 years and counting)

So it’s no surprise when my dear sweet big sister, whom writes mainly children and adolescent novels, sends me a couple of files and requests I edit them.

My first thought is, “Hey if it’s anything like the Fantasy novel of hers I’ve edited, bring it on!”

Imagine my surprise when I open the file and…. whoa. I didn’t know she knew this kind of stuff (never mind she has children, regardless, she’s my big sister! That’s like assuming your parents ever had sex. A ridiculous notion indeed.)

And it didn’t help a bit that I had just finished editing my own story of horror/fantasy genre. It was a shocking gap to jump to say the least.

It is difficult to come to grips with the fact that your sister, who is closer to a decade older than you than she is under, is a full grown woman, with womanly sexual desires as anyone else, and unlike some- knows how to put it on paper.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was following her around, bugging her and teasing her about all her teenage crushes? I guess I failed to acknowledge she grew up. I’m still working on acknowledging that I have, too.

Anyway, to put it simply, I am enjoying it, I am enjoying editing it, and I’m just glad she didn’t base her main male character off of my brother-in-law (that I’m aware of, yikes).



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