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New Characters= Complicated Fun!!


It’s been awhile since I’ve talked in any kind of detail regarding my novels. I cannot tell you why, I just haven’t. Now I want to (funny how life works out that way.)

So, my two newest characters (First Captain Aida Mancini and Captain Mario Baldovino) were introduced to my series in 2009 (when I began the rewrites of the whole series, starting with book 1, Blood of Darkness, which was published in April of 2012) I made so many changes from the original books that I found gaps that I needed to fill in, and Aida and Baldovino did so perfectly. That is probably the most grateful change I have needed to make, I love Aida and Baldovino and they have become important aspects to the series.

BUT, it has made things slightly complicated. Being that they did not come into my series until 2009, and I finished with the original copy of book 11 in 2008 (remember, I am rewriting them all). That leaves 11 books they had no parts in. At first, Baldovino was a fill-in character who has become a very integral sub-character, and Aida was originally intended to have a big part in books one and three, and fade from there. I feel almost blasphemous saying so, Aida is such a dear part of the series now. But that leaves me with 11 books I need to change.

How much fun is that??? TONS.

It’s complicated, but it’s fun. And I can’t help but feel these characters were missing from the very beginning. Aida’s quirky bad-ass attitude adding comedic value, Baldovino’s brash hardcore personality adding its own form of comedy as it becomes clear since book 3 just how much he hates the Werewolves.

And the more I write, the more it becomes so obvious that they belong, just as importantly as all my other characters. From the first character I created in 1999 (Alisha) to the turning point in 2002 when I decided Otztal would be my main character, to now, when book four is almost entirely reconstructed and in its final edit before publication, with 9 more books (at least) in the works just waiting to be rewritten and published… It’s been an incredible journey that continues in complicated, fun and amazing ways.

I can’t wait to see how the series continues as I continue to mold it and form it and watch it grow, and be grateful that I can share this experience with all of you πŸ™‚ Thank you, my dedicated fans and readers!


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β€œThere is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

-Ernest Hemingway


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A Word is A Word is A Barrage of Idiosyncrasies


One cannot deny the brilliance of Words and the people they come from (everyone!) One cannot deny the effects they can have, the lasting nuances they can have, whether positive or negative. It’s almost impossible to define the word “Word” in and of itself, because the Word encompasses nearly everything. It’s like trying to define a dictionary. Life is a dictionary.

A Word can tell you everything you need to know about somebody. Whether they are crazy, calm, quaint, an idiot or just idiosyncratic. A Word can warn you of danger or tell you that you’re safe. A Word can describe a time, a day, a life, a song, a sequence or a kazoo. They can rhyme, they can reason, they can define and they can sing.

In fact, Words are a song all of their own.

And knowing how to place them is key.

(Flashback story time): I used to belong to a writer’s group and attended meetings regularly (almost religiously) and participated in events and activities as much as possible. One night, we had a guest speaker. A pretty famous guy who talked about all his published works, fiction and non, and all the things he had done in his life to put him where he is today. He even wrote a text book that is required reading in some colleges, and he’s done some research of grade-level reading. For various reasons I will not give a name, as I am unhappy with some advice he gave and do not want to discredit him in any way, he is a great writer and an awesome guy. Anyway, his advice was this: “If you want to make it as a writer, don’t write anything above a third grade level.” I GET where he is coming from on this. Hell, the New York Times and major science magazines write between 3rd-5th grade levels. Our average reading level in this country IS… 3rd grade.

I was at a 12th grade reading level when I was 8 years old. I’ve spun words since I was 9. I’ve been writing full size novels since I was 14. One of my proudest accomplishments at an elementary school level was being able to read full chapter books by the time I was 7 (six, if you count Baby Island.) His advice was ATROCIOUS to me.

Not just in that it goes against everything that writing and reading is all about, but that he would discredit SO MANY PEOPLE, to say that people won’t understand our writing unless we write so that an elementary school student can understand? How INSULTING.

To me, writing and reading is about EDUCATING. You want to write so a school kid can understand, then that’s ok. But in my opinion, you better be writing a children’s novel.

I learned most of the words I know by reading, and reading beyond my grade level. If you write with the confidence that your readers are smart enough to understand, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing at a 3rd grade or college level. Here’s what I did when I came across words I didn’t know: I looked them up (remember dictionaries? Google nowadays?). Reading at an early age is the reason why I love words and use them. They’re the reason why growing up my two favorite books were a Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Think of it this way. If your reader didn’t love to read and learn, they wouldn’t be reading. Don’t insult them and yourself by bringing down the “intelligence level” of your writing. You’re all brilliant, some may just have never been told so.

So I’m telling you so.

Keep on reading everything you can. Get your children to read. Continuing the education and development and expansion of the human mind is dependent on reading. Don’t be afraid to try reading new things- You never know what you may learn!



β€œI became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

-Edgar Allan Poe


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My fancy Italian journal and sleek English pen

(First of all, I want to say thank you to Jay, my best friend and editor, for sending me these items,Β  because I know she reads my blog and is probably going to hate that I’m mentioning her in my post πŸ™‚ )

So here I am writing in my beautiful new blank journal (made in Italy) that my friend Jay just sent me, along with the beautiful new silver pen (Made in England), and think, “Wow, this would be a perfect writing tool to carry around with me.” See, I’ve been needing to carry something with me to make notes in, write down what people say, make lists of stuff I have to do, so on, so forth. Especially now that I am networking more, I can’t remember everything everyone says all the time.

And then, then the curse of productivity hits, and I blame the blank pages and fancy pen in my hand. I realize with these new tools, it’s going to make it a lot less easy to be unproductive and procrastinate. In half an hour I just went from debating to myself “Aw, this would be helpful if I did this….” (Usually a weeks long procrastination- I mean, project.) Now, in less than half an hour after writing down my ideas, I’m about to actually get started on the project itself. Not in “oh wouldn’t it be nice” form, but “this is how I’m going to do it” the pre-step to something ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

So, in retrospect, I must realize this book and this pen are not the enemies here. They are simply… magic. Magic that forces me to actually DO things instead of just think about them.

Now my mind is blown.

And I must get on with my project, because stopping in the middle to write this blog is bordering magic blasphemy, and I hate to think that happens when I go against something magical (Isn’t it, in books, that when something magical gets thwarted, something bad usually happens?) I don’t want to prove the magic book and pen wrong. I’ll keep a healthy fearful respect of them, and clear off my shelves.

Your crazy blogger,



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I’ve Never (Over) Cooked Broccoli Before

In reference to the blog post I have thustly left off at: My Name Is Stacey and I Am An Abibliophobiac

No my curry didn’t turn out as great as I’d hoped. Let’s just say it needed extra salt and leave it at that (even though I’m going back for seconds.)

But maybe, just maybe, I can write now that I’ve eaten! I had coffee a couple hours ago, so sleep isn’t going to happen for awhile. I just gotta decide what I’m going to change.

No, don’t worry, I won’t change characters. Although one character has recently disappointed a friend of mine, and I must say he doesn’t do much to redeem himself in book 4. I might change that a little, I was never too happy with his behavior in book 4. I decided rather than changing the plot, I may add a little somethin’-somethin’.

But maybe not.

I have now entered “indecisive land” where the best bet for my sanity is my kindle and some music until I fall asleep. I guess I will end this blog. Wish me luck!





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The Celebration Begins!

Destroyed, Book Three of The Legends of Sangue is now available for purchase at Amazon.com!!

To catch up with the series, books one and two are on sale for the low price of $1.99 for a limited time only!!

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And of course,

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Thank you all so much, my wonderful readers and fans! For without you, this would be impossible!

Stacey Katheryn


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Let The Silence Commence!

Well, upon request- or rather, quest– for opinion (regarding when you all would like to see me publish book 3, the 13th or 31st) I have received one, and it was a unanimous….


So that I shall do,

That… Β  I shall do.

Anyway, that gives me less than a week to finish editing (I’m halfway done with the FINAL edit, hip hip hooray!) and it shall be available for purchase on 13th, March, 2013!!!

I’m already beginning the edit/rewrites on book four, and having a blast doing it!

Thank you, one and all, for your opinion, and everyone check back for updates. Don’t forget to read snippets of book 3 here: Destroyed, Book Three of The Legends of Sangue

Have a wonderful day, my friends!!



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Being a Graduate

I decided to write this while I am still stunned, still crying, and still in denial.

I am a graduate!!!!

Why did I decide to write it in this frame of mind??

Because holy-fucking-cow I’m a graduate!!!!
I am now an official certified massage therapist. Next comes the license in a couple of weeks. Yikes.

And every single moment has been worth it. Every single second, every single trial, every single triumph, has all been beyond worth this moment. Every moment.

Wow, and for once in both my written and non-written aspects of life… I have no words.

They’re there, just waiting for my denial to diminish. All I can say is how damn proud I am of my classmates, my teachers, and myself.

The end.

No, just the beginning…


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As This Goes On…

So usually when I miss a blog (Saturday) I spend awhile thinking about what I’m going to write next and when, and how spectacular it should be to “make up” for skipping a day. Well, when I say “awhile” I do mean I take a couple of hours in sporadic bursts of time sitting at a traffic light, a dull moment at work (hah), even using the loo, to think “I should write something good. Let me think. Oh great idea, please come to me! Come to me from the great idea Gods in the sky!” Of course, the bathroom ceiling rarely answers me and I’m left to try and find an alternate route of inspiration.

Today, almost every waking moment was filled with “I should write about this. I should write about that. I NEED to write about that. OMG, WHEN AM I GOING TO FIND THE RIGHT MOMENT?” The right moment, the right time- hell, any time at all. Then when I do get to my computer, I have A MILLION topics that I KNOW that I AM going to blog about… Hell, I could list them all for you right now! (Of course, I won’t. The Great Idea Gods may find offense in my blurting out all the ideas they’ve given me before I had a chance to use them. And even I know better than to anger the Great Idea Blog Gods. Blods? Glogs?Β  Blobs?)

And I don’t know what to do with them (The ideas, not the Blods.) I mean, I sit down with an actual moment to write and I stun myself with this horrifically wide-array of ideas that overwhelms me to the point I find myself too stricken to start tapping at my ever-so-impatient keyboard. Usually it’s the other way around- I’m stricken with NO ideas and all the time in the world to articulate them (well, not ALL the time, but you get what I mean.)

So, what to do, what to do? I don’t even know. What will bring great inspiration for my few but amazing followers? What will impress them and make them clamor out of bed straight for their computers at dawn, fight through the crowds sword and shield, hand and foot to buy time on their computers before work just to read my blog? (Ha Ha. I’m glad some of you are bored enough to read it. You are true heroes. Enough with the humility, Stacey. Move on.)

Nothing, I think. I can’t fathom what I could say that could possibly draw attention. I mean, I felt like something was missing. All these ideas and no words begin to form in my mind to articulate them. Even though they’re filled with inspiration, or emotions, or comedy, or could bring a tear to your eye… When words do not arrive in my mind to articulate them, to bring on any kind of response BUT boredom… it doesn’t happen. Something WAS missing.

As I was sitting there…nothing coming… I finally gave up and put all thought of such out of my mind of blogs and blods (should that be capitalized? Blods) and all these great ideas, which may or may not be as great as they seem in my mind but only time will tell. I was numb at this point.

And now I know what it was. It wasn’t my borderline breaking a promise that was getting to me, although the guilt was eating me away until I figured out how to solve it- only to be thwarted by technology and mechanics. I will have to come forth and fix it in the morrow, the email has been sent and it is now all about waiting. So my guilt is gone and I’m STILL wordless.

I theorize that it’s because I hadn’t written any of my ideas for my novel, or worked on my new character, I hadn’t done anything substantial today… I hadn’t finished reading the book I started reading yesterday.

Yes, yes that was it. How did I figure it out? Because now that I am finished with the very last page, these words are spewing from my mind almost faster than my hands can keep up with, and I type approximately 100 WPM.Β  But can it really be so simple as I could have spared myself hours of wondering and stressing out over this, if I had just picked up my book earlier in the day? Earlier, I had no interest in reading. Possibly I was too afraid to pick up my Kindle and find that it might not work again (it did, obviously) but this whole day I’ve (apparently secretly) been DYING to pick it back up, I just hadn’t known it. Apparently, enough to distract me from most anything else.

Of course, today has been an odd, and revealing day, in which I won’t go into details but some things were made devastatingly clear to me that I’d had no idea had been going on. So truthfully- THAT was my distraction. It wasn’t the book at all, it wasn’t the movie, it wasn’t the printer or those damn fliers I promised to print. It was this one long overdue conversation with someone I care about very much that came out of the blue. I’m not sure if it brought for me relief or devastation. I honestly haven’t been able to sort out the emotions yet.

But to ease my discomfort from such an emotional mix of mental chaos, I can blame it on the book. Because, in its own way, it had distracted me enough from life to help me to focus on just what the REAL distraction was, rather than distressing over my stress and wordless mental blogs all day long. The book gave me a chance to finish an unfinished story while I mulled over the new revelations, hidden in my real life’s story, that I still can’t quite compute. Or maybe I computed so well it’ll take a bit to sort it out. I don’t know. I just don’t.

But I guess until then, I put some money in my account tomorrow to order the next book in the trilogy and begin on that, while I start working on my character, working my job (last day off for six days), working on my blogs, home life, school life, family life, heartache… It’s all a cornucopia in my mind of mass-chaos and emotional distress. Mixed in is a little resentment for not having known things I should have long ago. And love, I guess.

And of course, excitement. Because even though I had a good idea how the book was going to end, it was still so much more spectacular than the movie. And the movie was spectacular. A highly rare good read.

Anyway, I’m off, because I’m tired and late-night-dinner is done cooking.

And yes, the book was The Hunger Games.

Good night all.



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Courage of a Dragon


If there is any creature I wish my courage could match, it would be a dragon (mythical-y speaking, of course.)

I’ve said it before, how I admire courage for all it’s worth, and it’s worth a lot.

But today, just now, I was analyzing just how MUCH courage it takes to live our daily lives. EvenΒ  the simplest decisions we make takes more courage than any of us realize we possess. So why not take it a step further?

If we can understand ourselves, and understand our potential- and more importantly, believe in our potential- we can stand on top of the world and be proud to call ourselves Humans.

It takes strength to stand above a petty argument and realize the truth behind it, that perhaps somebody is arguing because they feel insecure, unsafe, unloved.

It takes strength to get up in the mornings to face your bosses, or coworkers, or teachers, or somebody else who may not appreciate you, may treat you awfully, may not respect you as a human being.

It takes strength to go to bed knowing that you’ll just do the same the next day.

Deadlines and deals, early mornings and late nights, trying to push aside unhealthy habits and take up something healthier.

But most of all, it takes courage…

To fall in love.

Or, rather, to admit it when you have.

Legit or not, reciprocated or not- it takes courage to tell somebody how you feel.

I would venture to guess that most everyone knows the feeling. The butterflies in the tummy, the euphoric thoughts, doing and saying things you never in a million years thought you would. When their smile (or glance) can change your life.

And you’re terrified. Because what if they don’t reciprocate? What if they outright loathe you? (Rarely is this true). What if they’ve been sending you “go away” signals and you haven’t noticed?

For as much as you eagerly await their next text, you dread what it may say. The fragile moment in time where you are both feeling the same nervousness and don’t have the guts to take the next step and just say it. Say you like them, say you love them, say you care about them. That takes courage, trust me. Because no matter how hard you try, you cannot dictate the emotions of others (although how much more simple would life be if we could, huh?)

But I can promise you this. No matter what, it’s worth the risk to admit your feelings before it’s too late. Better to be rejected for the truth than accepted for a lie, and the truth is, if you’re rejected for the truth- that person didn’t deserve the truth to begin with.

And I’m not just talking about romantic relationships either. Anyone you love, tell them. Think of how wonderful it would feel if somebody said it to you? Say it to someone you love. The feeling you get when you’re told, or tell someone that you love them, is worth the thousand nerves it takes to say it. Just say it. You won’t regret it.

And THAT, my friends, is Dragon Courage.



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Change, Heartbreak, Challenge and Desire

I won’t say it. I won’t say that some people should really think over their words before they’re spoken, should take into consideration the effect their words may have on others, and whether their “carefully” chosen words are appropriate in any manner whatsoever.

In other words, I won’t say “STFU already!”

I hate acronyms but damn, did I want to scream that one out loud. Without the “Acronym”.

At what point does the well-meaning individual stop and think, “Gee, trying to convince someone what a bad thing it is to work for their goals is a bad idea.”

There is a difference in a friendly warning that something may go wrong, and spending twenty minutes coming up with every damn excuse you can to cut down that person’s goals, no matter how differing or ridiculous those excuses get as the conversation rolls along.

Because the word “heartbreak” doesn’t just apply to unrequited love and romantic tales.

I’ve tried to shake this and it just won’t go away. The only thing left to do is stop focusing on what others think and continue with my plans as, well, planned.

Easier said than done. I can’t just put my hands over my ears and sing loudly “La La La La La La!!!!” Every time somebody tries to be “well-meaning” with their mouths open a little too wide. People need to realize the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me” is actually more accurately portrayed this way: “you can’t unspeak your words.”

I’ll tell you, it’s been a hell of a year, and the last three months summarize it perfectly: Change, heartbreak, challenge, and desire.

Desire to succeed in my goals, in life and every aspect of.

Challenge in the way I try to better myself against all odds.

Heartbreak in everything I have lost.

Change… always so much change.

There. Regardless of the circumstances, I’m going forth with my goals, turning a deaf ear to the naysayers and surrendering my doubt once more.

It’s going to be ok.


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